Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

The “transcendentals” have been explored for centuries, but I only just came upon the concept of how they are studied while listening to the MFCEO Project this morning. Immediately, I could see how they applied to my successes and failures in the past –– that’s not a suggestion that they are indicative of such, but could see where I worked within them and found good fortune, and where I violated them, to my detriment.

Jadepunk Had All Three

When I started with Jadepunk: Tales From Kausao City, I had these traits locked in for the project. I was authentic in my interests and worked hard to make the game system work well, I wanted to do right by the community of Fate players who enjoyed my other stuff, and I spared no expense in making the book as beautiful as possible.

Jadepunk was, as far as I’m concerned, a resounding success. The game was fun, the setting was everything I wanted it to be, and I regularly get complimented on the quality of it. I, of course, had little to do with much of that beyond the original conception and leading the team in the proper direction, but I’m proud of the results, nonetheless.

Transcendence Lost

Much of my life has been a cautionary tale to the people who follow in my footsteps. I’d like to think I’ll eventually become an inspirational figure, but for the sake of humanity, I’ll be the one people point to and say, “don’t be that guy.” At least I’m helping?

With Reroll Productions, I got equal parts complacent and greedy. My intentions were good (like that has ever mattered); I figured that if I built the company up, I could do more good stuff for people. But I should have figured that wouldn’t be the case when I stopped the biggest element of goodness the company had: I stopped donating a large portion of our profits to charity when we moved to only having our products on DTRPG. With that piece lost, it became a downward spiral.

Learning From Pain

Most successful people learn more from the pain of failure than they do from the elation of success (or so I’ve been told). Learning from hard knocks is something I got used to in countless dojos, so I’m not ashamed of it.

In the future, I’m going to stack up my intentions, project goals, and future plans against the transcendental trifecta and see if I can duplicate my Jadepunk results.

Truth (authenticity/science), Goodness (compassion/morality), and Beauty (aescetics/reputation)


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