Travel via Conversation

As much as I love to hate it, living in Las Vegas has its perks. One of them is how much access we have to other cultures. There’s so much to learn if you have the people skills for good conversation. That makes date nights more varied than cruising down to the local Applebee’s.

A Night of Good Conversation

Last night, I took my wife to Tivoli Village, a nice area of town that houses a sweet little place called La Casa. I’d been here before, so it wasn’t exactly a new exploration for me, but this time it was through new eyes. La Casa is a cigar lounge with conversant patrons. I had been for the drinks and cigars before, but this time I was there for the people.

I’m not exactly a cigar connoisseur, but I do enjoy an old-fashioned with a Jack Jeremy 14 (a cigar I discovered last night). My wife isn’t into cigars at all, but enjoyed the company and live music.

It took some ice breaking to get the conversation going. Apparently, even in a loud environment, enjoying your cigar in peace is a thing. But my previous profession was all about “customer experience,” which has worked its way into every part of my life. By the time my first drink was dry, my wife and I were laughing with, and learning about, the people on both sides of us.

I don’t know if drinks, cigars, and conversation is an authentic Havana night –– my experience with Cuban culture is a bit limited –– but most movies that take place in Cuba have at least one scene like that. A bit anecdotal, and allowing Hollywood to take the wheel, but I’m okay with it here. The fantasy, if that’s what it was, was a good one.

As much as I want to leave Las Vegas and explore the world, I have to ask myself: why? A vacation to a far-off land, sure. That would be incredible. But there’s no place on Earth where I can experience so many different cultures with a low cost of living.


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