Secret Techniques

We all search for that little something that will give us an edge. The best and fastest way to lose weight. The secret to business that will make us millionaires. But here’s the truth: every secret we seek is already within us.

That isn’t to say that we won’t need instruction, but the road forward is clear if you’re willing to look at it. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Every month, there are 88 billion Google searches related to ‘losing weight’. That’s a lot of people who don’t seem to know how to lose weight. But what if Google asked you how to lose weight? What would you say? Probably something along the lines of “eat fewer carbs” or “workout consistently” or “reduce your calories” or “eat clean.” Whatever you would say, you’d probably be on the right track, and could probably lose weight just by adopting some of your own advice. You’d at least be on the right path.

The so-called difficult things, the things that we need to research or learn, are similarly not as difficult as we think they are. Asking ourselves for advice, using our intuition, can lead us to the important stuff. If we’re cognizant of it, the things we need to learn are easy to part from the things we already know or can figure out. And once we’ve learned enough, we can start putting together our own learning programs. After a while, like a doctor who recently graduated, we can practice on our own. (Is it just a little creepy that doctors are only “practicing” medicine?)

The martial arts, writing, getting in shape…these things are easy for me. I’ve researched them, had professional training, and practiced consistently at them. I know these things. Their secrets aren’t secrets, not because I haven’t learned them all –– there’s always more to learn –– there are no secrets because I know the secret.

Martial arts require the consistent practice of the core three skills –– striking, grabbing, and weapons.

Getting in shape requires clean eating and consistent exercise.

Writing requires putting words down every day, rewriting for style and clarity, and some knowledge of what makes a good story.

These things are not hard. The only “secret techniques” they require are consistency, discipline, and patience.


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