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The people of Kausao City have lived in oppression long enough. Take hold of mystic Jadetech devices and join the Jianghu rebellion against the evil Council of Nine.

Jadepunk: Tales From Kausao City is a Fate Core roleplaying game about rebellious wuxia heroes in a fictional steampunk setting.


Rescue a City in Peril

The world of Jadepunk is one of danger and wonder. Jade, a natural resource that takes on mystical properties once refined, grants near-modern technology while still keeping that old-world feel. Gunslingers use Red Jade Six-Shooters to draw down at dawn, freight shippers use White Jade Airships to sail through the sky, and Green Jade Swords are the strongest blades around.

JadePunk_Komoda_01aIn Jadepunk, you will fight to liberate Kausao City, the “center of the world”. Sitting atop the world’s largest jade deposits, Kausao City is the most economically powerful location in the world. But despite the wealth of this fabled city, all is not well within its high walls. The current governor of the region backs evil corporations, feeding off low-level workers who are perceived to be, at best, expendable. The rich care for nothing but personal gain and the poor have had enough. Your adventures in Kausao City will be filled with intrigue, martial arts and gunfighting duels, and both foot and airship chases. If you have a ship, black-market jade refineries will pay top dollar for raw jade ore from the Xibu Bati mountain range, and forgotten temples found in the same mountains are ripe for pillaging by sacred scroll hunters. You might steal a jade heirloom from a corrupt magistrate, returning it to the destitute family from whom it was “confiscated.” A shop owner might ask you to protect them from underworld thugs who collect “protection” money from them.cityrendered-1024x542

The people long for heroes to free them from tyranny. You’ll find them in every city district, interact with them in every shop and tavern. If you see them being harassed by the city guard, they’ll look to you for help. Will you flee from the city guard or stand and fight? Will you work with the underworld, or struggle against it, keeping your morals and values intact?

Join the Jianghu

A loose culture of martial artists and Jadetech engineers, members of the Jianghu all fight for the betterment of the collective citizenry of Kausao City, but not everyone agrees on what “better” actually means. As such, the Jianghu consists in a roughly equal measure of benevolent, righteous souls and underworld bosses and street gangs.

Jadepunk’s story process will allow you to create your character while at the same time describing their background. Once you come up with a conceptualization for your character (a Youthful Martial Arts Master or Jadetech Gunslinger, perhaps), you’ll begin a process of development that helps you tell the tale of how they became the hero (or ruffian) they are today.

Jade_drinkingAs a member of the Jianghu, you’ll have to keep out of the city watch’s notice. Practicing martial arts is illegal, as is carrying an unregistered weapon, and certainly acting against the Council. It’s all too easy to get thrown in prison or executed in Kausao City. If you get caught, you’ll be in for the fight of your life. Fortunately, you have allies.

The Jianghu operates as a collection of diverse societies and organizations. Your group is one such society. You and your friends will define how you operate, what the values of your society are. In short, you’ll define what is “right” and what is “wrong” for yourselves. The Jianghu is not a exist in shades of gray. There is absolute, unapologetic evil in the world.  That evil is what unites the societies and organizations of the Jianghu, but it’s also what divides them; for rarely do two Jianghu societies believe in the same solution.

If you can unite the Jianghu under one banner, you would have the power to overthrow the Council of Nine. But doing so could be as difficult as pulling the sun from the sky.


A Rich Setting With Streamlined Mechanics

While Jadepunk is powered by the popular Fate Core roleplaying system, it is a standalone game with many new additions to the core Fate system:

  • An original setting that fuses the themes of Western steampunk and Asian Wuxia.
  • The “story process” of creating character aspects that immerse them into the setting.
  • A comprehensive Asset system that lets you make any device, martial arts technique, or companion you can imagine.
  • New dueling mechanics that use the contest system for fast and furious combat that won’t have the rest of your group sitting idly by for hours.
  • Streamlined rules for gamemasters that give them the power to create scenes on the fly with the use of the “Scene Fractal”.
  • A new way of creating minor NPCs that takes no prep time. “Faces” give you everything you need to make an unimportant NPC feel alive and memorable.

Jadepunk: Tales From Kausao City is a standalone core rulebook, containing all of the rules necessary to play.

Looking For More Action and Adventure?


Expand your Jadepunk world with our supplements and expansions.

The Jadetech Supplements go to the root of jade. You’ll learn more about how it’s extracted, refined, and worked into Jadetech devices. These supplements cover every color of jade, plus introduce rules for Jadetech devices using multi-colored jade. To help you with ideas for your own Jadetech devices, The Jadetech Supplements include Asset examples based on each color of jade.

Jadepunk Tales are ongoing campaigns that are prewritten by the developers of Jadepunk: Tales From Kausao City. In this series, you’ll get a set of interconnected scenes that take you from major milestone to major milestone, complete with a setting full of NPCs, societies, challenges, and contests to give your group months of play with no set-up time for the gamemaster.

The Martial Expansions describe the martial arts of Kausao City and includes rules for mass warfare. From Saigatire, the traditional sword art of Naramel, to Kalima, the empty hand/weapon hybrid system practiced by Kaiyumi sailors. The Martial Expansions includes a description of the most popular styles of martial arts in the Jadepunk universe, as well as examples of how to build each one as an Asset.

837e75d1bc451042bc606611911be4f5_largeThe people call for warriors to champion them against oppression and tyranny. Take up our Jadetech weapon, prime the engines on your airship, and lead the fight for justice!

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