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(Yes, I went to the Grand Canyon. I’m still compiling a post about that trip in the Exploration section. I have some cool stories from it, like getting chased by elk. It’s epic! But this is not about that.)

My fiction is taking a step to the next level: I’m working on a novel series. It’s a superhero tale with a slight twist –– “what if Doctor Strange, and not Iron Man, started The Avengers?” It’s like X-Men, but with mystical origins and the villains are monsters, not superpowered megalomaniacs. (Well, maybe there will be a few of those.)

I know this isn’t a new idea, but I promise I’m making it unique. The Annabel Ashwick Intrepid Story is in that setting, though not necessarily canonical.

More than money, since I have a pretty good job right now, I’m really looking for readers (but if the money is there, I could quit my day job and write full-time, making things move much faster). That’s why I’ve launched a Patreon campaign; maybe I can kill two birds with one stone.

If you like my work and would be interested in helping me to produce more, I would be so grateful. You can take a look at my Patreon right here.

Even if you don’t back, the fact that you’re reading this shows that you support me enough to visit my website. Your support means the world to me. Thank you!


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