Genres Are Boring

Every fantasy story includes elves, dwarves, and magic. Every sci-fi has starships and FTL. Romance is so overly troped that there is a formula that must be followed or your book is thrown against the wall or DVD shutoff. These genres, all based on a touchstone work that kicked the genre off, have become boring and predictable.

It’s like how comic books in the ’90s were full of Wolverine and Superman copycats. The original was fun and exciting, the copycats, less so.

But try to break from the tropes and think for yourself, and you’re an arrogant, evil genre breaker. Or worse, they say that you’re arrogant enough to try and create your own genre –– like they said about me with Jadepunk. When did original thought equate to arrogance?

Sick of Rebooting Genres

Every time a 20th-century movie is rebooted, people whine “another reboot? Can’t Hollywood think of anything original anymore?”

Hollywood continues the trend because it’s profitable. They won’t take a chance on new things because it’s risky.

Franchises are better because they continue the same story. In fact, if they’re similar to the first in their line, it’s usually considered better (see the Iron Man movies for why thinking outside the box in the same franchise is often not a good thing).

Advocate for Creativity

I don’t knock any genre. I enjoy fantasy fiction, sci-fi, and romantic comedies, as well as thrillers, horror fiction, etc. But if someone combines a few of these, like, say, western, fantasy, and wuxia…I’ll certainly give it a chance, and probably draw more inspiration from it.


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