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As I move forward with this new site, I wanted to create a repository for the gaming resources I had on my last site. Some people were upset when they were taken down.

If you’re new here, I should point out the obvious resource: Reroll Production‘s page at DTRPG. Every product on that page was either conceived of or written by me (sometimes both).

Now, onto the free stuff!

Full Games

These are all short game documents that I’ve created. You can pick these up and play sans any system books.

Brotherhood of Ronin –– my first novel is based on a revision of this little game’s setting.

Fast Pickup Game (FPG) –– a game designed for a group who’s decided to spontaneously play something but needs little or no setup.

Shared Storytelling –– a game that emphasizes the player’s role in telling the story.

Triumph City Heroes –– no one’s actually seen this before (sometimes I’m terrible at sharing things I make). Superhero gaming with your kids.

Supplemental Material or Setting Hacks

Alternative Initiative –– use Marvel Heroic‘s initiative system with Fate Core.

Approach to Approaches –– a methodology to help understand FAE’s approaches.

Star Wars Fate Edition –– this is probably why you came to my resources page (this is my most popular free download, by far)

That’s it? Some of you might be wondering where my adventure fractal mechanic is (potentially more popular than my Star Wars hack). In all honesty, I’m not happy with that mechanic, as written in the blog. If you’re interested in the concept of using Fate Core‘s fractal system to build scenes that include all traps, villains, and other difficulties as a single fractal, I recommend the sidebar in the GM section of Jadepunk (a DTRPG platinum best seller). I have ideas about how to make that work, which might end up as a design diary on this site in the future, but as the mechanic stands, I’m not satisfied with it enough to list it here.

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