DUDE! You Gotta See This!

Remember when the internet was cool? When you showed off your favorite stuff like a child in a video game store? Let’s go back to that.

Let’s drown out the monotonous tone of sadistic trolling and hate speech with positive posts full of things that we think are awesome.

Pretend It’s The 1990’s

I remember when I got my first copy of Street Fighter 2 on PlayStation. I ran so hard to my friend’s house to show it off. We played for hours.

“This is so cool!”

“You’re just button mashing!”

“This character has the best style.”

It even lead to an all-out fist fight when a friend and his brother decided to test who would win if Street Fighter were real (they were brothers, so it ended well).

Those were great times. When the internet was young and chat rooms were still a thing, I had many conversations like that around gaming, both digital and tabletop, as well as fiction, comics, martial arts, etc.

Let’s go back to that, please.


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