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I’m a people pleaser, through and through. In fact, I’ve not done things that I really wanted to do because I thought some people might not be fans of it. How crazy, right?! To not care if I enjoyed something I was going to do because someone else might not like it. Naturally, if I lost a follow on Twitter or a friend on Facebook I would get super annoyed.

“What did I do wrong?”

“Do they hate me now?”

“What if they never come back?”

Yesterday, I lost two followers on my blog. But where I used to get upset over such things, I thought good!

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not happy that I lost two followers. That sort of sucks. But it’s nice to know that two people who don’t care about my posts are no longer receiving them.

I’d rather have 10 people who love what I talk about than 10,000 who couldn’t care less.

To those 10 (there are more than 10, but I’m thinking humbly tonight), thanks for being here. I hope you are getting something out of getting to know me better. (BTW, I’ve reactivated my comment section so that I can get to know you better, too.)


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