Superhero Fatigue

Superhero movies are all the same. The same plot. The same characters. Only the names are changed to protect the innocent. It’s gotten to the point where “superhero fatigue” is something we may have to prescribe medication for soon. But I believe this is but one phase in the world’s introduction to the superhero genre, and the original medium, comic books, have already shown us the cure.

I suppose the argument –– “every story in every movie is the same”

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Secret Techniques

We all search for that little something that will give us an edge. The best and fastest way to lose weight. The secret to business that will make us millionaires. But here’s the truth: every secret we seek is already within us.

That isn’t to say that we won’t need instruction, but the road forward is clear if you’re willing to look at it. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Every month, there are 88 billion Google searches related

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DUDE! You Gotta See This!

Remember when the internet was cool? When you showed off your favorite stuff like a child in a video game store? Let’s go back to that.

Let’s drown out the monotonous tone of sadistic trolling and hate speech with positive posts full of things that we think are awesome.

Pretend It’s The 1990’s

I remember when I got my first copy of Street Fighter 2 on PlayStation. I ran so hard to my friend’s house to show it off. We

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Cultivating Readership

I’m a people pleaser, through and through. In fact, I’ve not done things that I really wanted to do because I thought some people might not be fans of it. How crazy, right?! To not care if I enjoyed something I was going to do because someone else might not like it. Naturally, if I lost a follow on Twitter or a friend on Facebook I would get super annoyed.

“What did I do wrong?”

“Do they hate me now?”

“What if they

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Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

The “transcendentals” have been explored for centuries, but I only just came upon the concept of how they are studied while listening to the MFCEO Project this morning. Immediately, I could see how they applied to my successes and failures in the past –– that’s not a suggestion that they are indicative of such, but could see where I worked within them and found good fortune, and where I violated them, to my detriment.

Jadepunk Had All

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Show and Tell

After watching an episode of Ask Gary Vee, I got to thinking about why I do the things I do. Rabbit holes like this are not always good things to follow.

Show and Tell Fucked Me Up

Stand a kid up in front of the class, ask them to share their interests, then criticize their choice of presentation. No wonder they don’t have this shit in school anymore.

When I was five, my grandfather was my big

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A Good Journey

We hear it all the time: “enjoy the journey.” “It’s not the destination that counts; enjoy the journey.” “Don’t be in such a rush to achieve; it’s lonely up there.” On and on. Such wisdom is easy to wave off as useless platitudes in our ambitious and consumer-driven society. But the journey is the important part. When the journey is over, so is life.

Steps of a Journey

We all want to be the authors of our journey, but that’s impossible. The

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Genres Are Boring

Every fantasy story includes elves, dwarves, and magic. Every sci-fi has starships and FTL. Romance is so overly troped that there is a formula that must be followed or your book is thrown against the wall or DVD shutoff. These genres, all based on a touchstone work that kicked the genre off, have become boring and predictable.

It’s like how comic books in the ’90s were full of Wolverine and Superman copycats. The original was fun and exciting, the copycats, less so.

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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Patterson, Tolkien, King, it’s assumed that if you read, you read names like these. They’re great writers, to be sure –– dominant forces in their genres. But everyone has a story to tell.

Book Snobs

Haughty readers almost turned me off of writing in high school. I handed a short story to a teacher and mentioned how much I thought she would like it.

“Who wrote this?” She asked.
“I did,” I said.

She took the paper. Three days

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The Gift of Empathy

Everyone has a gift, maybe two. Whether inherited from, or ingrained by, a parent, or a defensive mechanism you’ve adapted over the years, this gift is something that defines you, even if you don’t know what it is. My gift is empathy. I got it from my mother.

Empathy is a gift of understanding and sharing the emotions of others. When I see someone going through something, I can put myself in their shoes and have a good understanding of

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