Improving Your Physical Attributes

It’s time to geek out a bit and blend Dungeons and Dragons with physical fitness. These things typically don’t go together, in fact, they’re sort of antithetical to one another, but, if you’re an analytical nerd like me, I think D&D can help you set fitness goals and structure workouts.

DISCLAIMER: This is intended for (nerds) people who struggle to get their fitness game going. If you’re already a regular in your (dungeon) gym, then this is purely for (being

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Intuitive Game Mechanics

Learning a new game is much easier when the mechanics are intuitive. Running the game as a GM, and creating characters and making decisions during play, is equally easier, and often a lot more fun, when the mechanics are intuitive.

Intuitive Does Not Mean Simple

The trend for newer games is for simplicity. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, especially for pickup games, but a lack of complexity also means a lack of long-term viability for most groups.

Intuitive means

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Genres Are Boring

Every fantasy story includes elves, dwarves, and magic. Every sci-fi has starships and FTL. Romance is so overly troped that there is a formula that must be followed or your book is thrown against the wall or DVD shutoff. These genres, all based on a touchstone work that kicked the genre off, have become boring and predictable.

It’s like how comic books in the ’90s were full of Wolverine and Superman copycats. The original was fun and exciting, the copycats, less so.

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A Case for Daggers

Swords are the most ubiquitous weapon in all fiction, and they set the standard for damage values in just about any roleplaying game. Axes are often comparable, though usually tweaked for no other reason than to be different from swords. And spears are like swords, only longer. But what about the dagger? They’re deadly, and there are no degrees of dead.

Daggers have historically killed at least as many people as the sword, are the favorite weapons of assassins ––

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Creating Unique Genres

When searching for a new book, game, or movie, genres help us to form expectations about what we’re going to experience. As a creative, this saddens me. I mean, on one hand, I love the marketing of it all; I can put my work where I know people may find it. But it’s boring. Really damn boring!

What if I want to write about a starship crew that protects pre-FTL worlds from pillaging by space pirates? What if they visit

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The Adventure Fractal 2.0

Many good things have been said regarding the adventure fractal I wrote for the Fate Core roleplaying game system years ago. Truth be told, I was never happy with it. While others could get it to work, I never could –– at least, not in the way I wanted. But I’ve years to work on it, improve upon it, and here is the result.

One thing you’ll notice is that this version is not limited to the Fate Core system,

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Gaming Resources

As I move forward with this new site, I wanted to create a repository for the gaming resources I had on my last site. Some people were upset when they were taken down.

If you’re new here, I should point out the obvious resource: Reroll Production‘s page at DTRPG. Every product on that page was either conceived of or written by me (sometimes both).

Now, onto the free stuff!

Full Games

These are all short game documents

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