Intrepid Stories: Annabel Ashwick

The following piece of short fiction is about a character in something I’m working on right now. Benjamin Feehan has recommended that I do little character pieces like this to get warmed up for the new project, and the idea intrigued me enough to get after it.

All of my flash fiction work is an exercise in exploring some meaningful character trait, emotion, or situation. As such, these are examples of first drafts of my work. I read through these

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Inquisition Story Sample

A few years ago, I wrote a modern fantasy novel that I will never show anyone. It was so terrible! As horrifying as that novel was, however, I loved the setting. It was a different look at what the Inquisition was. Rather than evil witch hunts, my version of the Inquisition features templars and inquisitors working together in a secret society to protect the modern world from nightmarish creatures.

After letting the setting stew in my mind for a few

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