Chased by Elk

Despite living only hours away, I only just made the trip to see the Grand Canyon. Not to climb, mind you, I’m not a huge fan of heights. If you climb up a mountain, you can go as high as you’re comfortable, then head back down. Canyons are the opposite; you start at the very top and make your descent, and then you have to climb back up the damn thing. No, we were there for some sightseeing, some Instagram

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Travel via Conversation

As much as I love to hate it, living in Las Vegas has its perks. One of them is how much access we have to other cultures. There’s so much to learn if you have the people skills for good conversation. That makes date nights more varied than cruising down to the local Applebee’s.

A Night of Good Conversation

Last night, I took my wife to Tivoli Village, a nice area of town that houses a sweet little place called

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