My Story

All my life I’ve wanted two things: to be a superhero (a Ninja Turtle, to be exact) and to write stories about superheroes.

At 5 years old, being a giant fighting turtle didn’t seem all that impossible –– fiction told me so. A few years later, I learned the cold hard truth: being shell-shocked wasn’t in my future. As I fought through my despair, I learned of another superhero I could become: Batman! I devoted several hours each day to learning the martial arts (and more than I’d like to admit running around with a cape and cowl, scaring the local elderly folks in my neighborhood, who probably thought I had more screws loose than I actually had).

For awhile now, I’ve come to realize that even Bruce Wayne, with his billions of dollars and fancy utility belt, is beyond my reach. But I still relish the idea of becoming a superhero, of letting fiction inspire me toward the impossible.

I still dream of visiting distant worlds and saving the day, and I’m not always asleep when I do.

What I want out of life is to encourage others to dream as I have. I want to give them worlds of adventure, and heroes worth admiring. To this end, I write heroic fiction and roleplaying games, providing the inspiration and the tools to dream big.

May your lives be adventurous, even if only in a dream.

Ryan M. Danks