A Good Journey

We hear it all the time: “enjoy the journey.” “It’s not the destination that counts; enjoy the journey.” “Don’t be in such a rush to achieve; it’s lonely up there.” On and on. Such wisdom is easy to wave off as useless platitudes in our ambitious and consumer-driven society. But the journey is the important part. When the journey is over, so is life.

Steps of a Journey

We all want to be the authors of our journey, but that’s impossible. The story of our life has not been written yet. We are still on the steps. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t influence the path we take. If we don’t believe me, ask yourself this question:

Is there something I can do in the next 24 hours that would absolutely, positively make my life worse?

If the answer is yes, and I can assure you that it is, then the opposite must be true, as well — that you can do something in the next day to make your life better. Although, better is often harder, and takes longer to put into practice.

I’ve Stopped Planning My Journey

I went over this previously, about how plans don’t survive contact with the enemy. That was in reference to storytelling, but I’ve been applying the same thing to my journey. Not planning for the future, just seeing a goal and identifying the next step towards it.

It’s difficult. You take a step that is so far removed from the end goal that you can’t tell if it is on the same path. It takes faith to make that step without a definite plan. But the alternative is to sit in your bedroom, composition book in hand, and spend a decade planning a life that you’ve already used up more than 10%, only to see that plan go to hell on your first outing.

Life is more fun when it’s lived. The goal is more fun when the journey is considered and found to be one worth taking.

Personal Note: I’ve been in a process of re-evaluating my life ever since I landed a pretty sweet job, in a field that I swore I would never return to. Some epiphanies are worth exploring. I hope you’re enjoying the journey with me (almost punny, I know).

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