Blog Update: Changing Things Up

When I began this blog, it was with the intention of sharing things I’m interested in –– much in the same way that most people use social media. Over time, however, I’ve vacillated between common concepts of how a blog should work. To be honest, my blog was more interesting before I started conforming to “branding methods” of blogging. So I’m going back to the way it used to be.

This blog is now going to be a “social media headquarters” of a sort. I’ll post things that are relevant to me and my interests, things I do that I feel may be of interest to others, and things I create. In short: this will be a place where I can share more personally than I would other places about my interests and goings-on. If you like me and the things I’m into, then I think you’ll like this place (and I recommend you subscribe to the blog in the footer below).

This will necessarily change some of the ways that I post. For instance, I’ll focus less on gaming in this space and there will be an uptick in other things I find fascinating or useful, like martial arts or life hacks. That isn’t to say I won’t talk about gaming –– it’s part of who I am –– but I’ll be including the rest of me from now on, too. (Politics are no longer a thing I clog my mind with, and my religion has changed somewhat and become more personal for me in recent years, so rest assured you won’t see anything of those sorts here.)

Before you click away, I’d like to thank you for following this blog all these years. If you’ve enjoyed it, and follow me on social media, then I think you’ll continue to like what you see here.

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