What is Your Jadepunk Tale?

I call a Jadepunk campaign a Jadepunk Tale. As anyone who roleplays can tell you, a campaign can be a single game session or a twenty-year adventure. Since Jadepunk has been out for awhile, I’d like to get a sense of how other people are playing the game.

What tales are you telling? Who are the archnemeses of your players? What’s your Jianghu society’s name?

Even if you aren’t running a game of Jadepunk currently, what would your Jadepunk game be about?

Leave your answer in the comments below (and link the community to any campaign materials you may have online). I’ll start with a description of my favorite Jadepunk Tale –– the one that I have yet to play but that started the idea of Jadepunk, and that I hope to write a novella about very soon.


  1. My Jadepunk Tale is about rebellion, naturally, but not the kind of rebellion that overthrows an evil empire. More of a personal rebellion.

    A district is oppressed from multiple tyrants, and the only ones who can do anything about it are a gang of misfits, which always includes at least one of the following: a badass tattooed martial artist, a repentant foreign gunslinger, an airship captain with a love of history and ancient artifacts, and a parkour running jadetech saboteur.

    They may not be able to end oppression in Kausao City –– that’s a tall order for a band of misfits –– but they can overthrow the meddlesome vigilance committee in their district, embarrass the magistrate, and strike a deal with the captain of the city guard to keep the peace in a compassionate manner, else said captain gets replaced.

    Could such districts become pockets of true rebellion throughout Kausao City? Possibly.

    Another tale that is close to my heart: The Sacred Artifact Hunters. Magistrates and merchants are working together to sell Kausao City’s cultural artifacts, from a time before the city was erected, on the black market. Some of these artifacts are powerful jadetech devices from an ancient culture, others are irreplaceable pieces of history. The Sacred Artifact Hunters work to stop such activities, and bring the ravagers of history to Jianghu justice!



  2. Ron Frazier, a great Jadepunk fan and GM (if you have a chance to get into one of his online games, I wouldn’t turn it down), posted some thoughts on the Reroll Productions Facebook page.



  3. Our Jadepunk tale is about a group of troubled/troublesome people who all have powerful foes reaching for them from their pasts. They didn’t take a direct approach to being rebels, but they’re certainly there now. Some weird things we added to our version of Kausao:

    – Mind-controlling black jade
    – Living constructs made of rock and green jade called Baju
    – Multiple strata in the city (Hey, if FF7 is already an inspiration, why not run with it?)
    – The Penumbra Club, a secret society trying to overthrow the Council, only to replace it with home-grown tyranny



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