Classcraft: Gamify Your Classroom

It’s no secret that kids learn better through stories and games (Jesus used the parable, my teachers used BINGO), but it seems that classroom gaming has come a long way from The Quiet Game. Classcraft is a free (for most features) way to turn a modern classroom into an engaging game.

What is Classcraft?

From their website:

Classcraft’s mission is to transform the learning experience by using game mechanics to engage students and provide teachers with well-designed tools to do so.

A friend of mine who teaches at a local magnet school introduced me to Classcraft. After browsing the website, it has me wishing that I was back in school again.

Classcraft uses a fantasy genre roleplaying game to provide teachers with a fun way to manage their classroom. They play the role of GM, assigning quests (tests), giving away XP (scores), and a load of other things.


Classroom Management Level: EPIC!

What About the Students?

Students have the coolest role of all: they’re the players.

Each student creates an avatar, complete with a character class (Mage, Warrior, Healer) and special abilities, called powers. They also have hit points, experience, even special items that can help them on their tasks. If my classroom had this stuff, I would have been on the honor roll every year.


Can adults take the Invisibility power?


Hunting, because every school needs a version of the Hunger Games.

I find this to be such an amazing concept, especially for the current generation, which is getting into gaming at younger ages than ever (my five-year-old can work my iPad better than I can). And it’s great for the tabletop gaming industry. The little girl who showed me her dashboard said she wanted to play D&D for real! (Is our beloved in hobby in for a revival?)

My PTA meeting is coming up, and I’m planning on printing out the materials from the Classcraft website and showing them around. I’d have fun just checking up on my daughter’s quests.


Honestly, why does this not appear in every tabletop game?

What do you think of this classroom management tool?

Classcraft from Classcraft on Vimeo.

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