Shadowcraft: The Glamour War

I made the mistake of not telling folks about my work on Jadepunk: Tales From Kausao City until it was too late. Most people on my site didn’t know that I created that until the Kickstarter was long gone. well, I’m giving you the inside track for my next one:

Shadowcraft: The Glamour War

I’ll give you an behind the scenes look in the coming weeks, but, for now, here’s the promotional material.

SC ad 3.2

Shadowcraft: The Glamour War is a game of high-stakes espionage in a unique fantasy setting from Reroll Productions, the company that brought you Jadepunk: Tales From Kausao City.

Shadowcraft brings you James Bond-level intrigue with Mission: Impossible-style teams working to keep the world’s precarious balance. We’re using the amazing Fate system to bring you rules for building super spy gadgets, investigating mysteries, using personable magics, and tapping your spy network for information.

But that’s not all. With Shadowcraft, we intend to take Fate to the edge and beyond. We’re reviewing all the mechanical sub-systems to make sure they enhance the game and promote the feel we’re going for with the game:

  • The conflict system is being rewritten to allow for the epic chases and fights you love to see, with more of an opportunity for back-and-forth conflict resolution with the opportunity to take a hit to win the day!
  • With Arcadia being a world where everyone can do at least some magic, the magic system has to be simple enough for even no-name merchants to use as well as robust enough to allow the player characters to do all the amazing feats you expect of competent, proactive Fate characters!
  • Being entrenched in a cold war brings intrigue and back-stabbing to the forefront. Because of this, the need to investigate odd goings-on is paramount.
  • Good spies need good gadgets, but super spies need super gadgets! Forget boring weapon/armor ratings, each gadget you acquire––or are given by the quartermaster––will be a unique item that will help you complete your mission.

We’re looking forward to bringing this to you, and telling you all about it. We have a lot planned for this IP, at least as ambitious as Jadepunk, if not more so.

Join us on the Kickstarter today!

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