The Eldritch Investigation Service (EIS)

My next foray into Fate writing is the EIS.

Aimed at being a Fate World, EIS is basically a setting starter with plenty of plot hooks for individual tables to take this mini setting in any direction they see fit. The way EIS is written allows it to be dropped into any fantasy setting as an area beset by a decade long war.

It features a fresh take on the classic human, elf, dwarf trinity, pitting them against nightmarish creatures (werewolves, vampires, witches, etc.).

Here’s the pitch:

The Eldritch Investigation Service
Noralua is currently enjoying a brief two years of lowered arms in a war with the sorcerer-king Moran, ruler of the dark nation of Kormil.

For thirteen years, Noralua and the Sylvans have fought the bloodiest war in recorded history against the Kormillian Knightmare horde. The lowered arms came as a result of the Stonekin joining the Noraluans.
No one is foolish enough to believe that the war is over, least of all King Arcan of Noralua. Terror-filled stories from refugees and surviving soldiers from the front, tales of the horrific creatures that serve Moran, have put the populace of Noralua in a constant state of fear.

Unsure if he will be able to fend off the Knightmare horde when war erupts once more, King Arcan has decreed the formation of the Eldritch Investigation Service (EIS). Their mission: to investigate crimes of the arcane and perform counter-espionage against Kormillian spies. Each agent is handpicked from the most capable beings in all the realm. When an agent is commissioned, they are given a protective eldritch tattoo and a Writ of Enforcement, granting them limited powers of the Noraluan crown.

The EIS are the only hope for the continued freedom of Noralua, and all of the free peoples of Reachrun.

If you’re interested in seeing what this Fate World will entail, check out the outline.

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