On Journaling


I began journaling today. Nothing fancy (actually, I bought a $20 journal with a $12 calligraphy pen to do it right – they’re the ones in the photo above). But am I doing it right?

To be honest, I only began the journaling process because I saw this picture on Facebook.


I don’t put much stock in any Facebook post that suggests how one might be more successful, but since the lowest points in my life matched up with the picture on the left, why not? (I’ve already cut out hours and hours of television.) So…

…successful people journal. I want to be a successful person. Ergo, I am now journaling.

I read an article on journaling by Steve Pavlina that was pretty enlightening on the subject, but I’m left wondering if it wasn’t just one perspective on the subject.

Here’s why I decided to journal:

  • To be more successful (duh!)
  • To clarify my thoughts
  • To solve problems I’m dealing with (this actually happened in my very first entry)
  • As a record for my life
  • To keep myself honest with my goals (and to record those goals)
  • To look awesome at my writing desk, or the local café, writing in my big, expensive journal with my difficult to use (and equally expensive) new pen.

I’ll admit that some of those reasons are facetious, but that doesn’t make them any less true.

Do you journal? Have any advice for me and my readers on the subject? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I am an avid journaler. It is my main source of writing. It takes some time but make sure in your journal you are as honest as you can be. Don’t hold back. Then make sure your journal stays safe.



  2. Take it everywhere with you to the point people say, “There’s Todd, taking copious notes.” It just becomes a part of you. Also, expensive moleskines are awesome but use cheap ones to. You can tell if a journal will last based on the binding.

    I use it for lists, ideas, math, drawing, notes in personal/church, blog posts, tic tac toe with my boys.

    What I could use it better for – helping to move me forward – more planning and executing of ideas and less internal focus.



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