Writing Multiple Editions of the Same Setting

My aspirations for Jadepunk have always been to make it as widespread as possible, and while we have plans for multimedia projects with the license, it all starts with using multiple roleplaying game systems for the setting. After all, some people may love the setting but hate the mechanics. Offering multiple types of mechanics means an expanded audience.

Because of our love for Fate Core and Cortex Plus, those two have always been planned on. We added an edition based on the Apocalypse World engine because it’s another game that we enjoy and thought we could do Jadepunk justice in – and we’re looking forward to the design challenges surrounding that one.

We are entertaining ideas for additional systems, but these should run the gamut of most players. Most gamers are likely to enjoy at least one of these games. However, more editions means more work. Fortunately, that work is done completely in house, by us, requiring no money. Editing and layout design are still concerns, but not overly much, as I can pretty much eat the cost of that. Art is the biggest consideration, and we can reuse the art from Fate Core.

It does mean a ton of more work for us. Each game has a different method of play, and we need adventures and descriptions to match the directions of the game in question (Dungeon World doesn’t play like Fate Core, after all).

Would I do this for free? No way! Fortunately, we’re not. Even though it may seem like it, with Jadepunk requiring funding at $7,500 to make all 3 editions, we’re taking a long view of it all. Each game is going to sell for $10 online after the fact, plus the digital supplements that will come out later. As players become more familiar with Jadepunk, those products will get more and more valuable to us as finished work on the shelf. The internet is forever, and forever is a long time to find an audience.

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