In Theater: Concept For Mass Combat Rules In Fate Core

Fate does a great job as a fiction simulator but tends to focus on the individual characters, with a nod towards interaction in small groups. In Theater would focus on the grander scale, while maintaining the focus on simulating fiction and less on traditional wargaming.

While it’s perfectly acceptable (fun even) to have a game about individuals in the trenches, In Theater gives you the tools to zoom out of the immediate action as well as playing troops as part of a unit. Whether it be generals “playing chess” with their troop movements or individual squad leaders conducting operations on the ground, In Theater covers it all.

In order to give this project the quality it deserves, I’ll need to raise funds for editing, art and layout through a Kickstarter campaign. The first draft will come in around 10-15k words. Including the art pages for zone maps and the like, that’s roughly 50 pages of content!

Listed below is the table of contents the draft will be written from. Is there anything you think I missed? Would you back a Fate Core product such as this? Let me know in the comments below.

Table of Contents
• Definition of “Mass Combat”
• What Kinds of Games Feature Mass Combat?
• How Can You Incorporate Mass Combat Into Your Current Game?
Creating Mass Combat Units
• Sidebar: Unit Sizes
• Building with the Fractal
• Commanding Officers Effects on Units
• Sidebar: PCs Joining Units
Skills and Stunts
• New Skills: Strategy and Survival
• Sidebar: Units and Traveling
• Unit-Based Stunts
• Sidebar: Extras Budget for Commanding Officers
Conducting Operations
• Units and the Four Actions and Outcomes

• Challenges: Preparing for War
Sidebar: Fortifications and Supply Chains
• Contests: The Tactical Game
• Sidebar: Duels Between Unit Leaders
• Conflict: This Is War!
• Sidebar: Using Miniatures and a Battlemap
Unit Extras
• Field Weapons

• Siege Weaponry
• Vehicular Combat
• Sidebar: Fleet Warfare
Types of Units
• Ancient
• Modern
• Sci-fi
• Battlefields: Sample Zone Maps


    1. I appreciate that!

      Unfortunately (for me), there is already very robust rules to handle this very thing in the Fate System Toolkit, which will be available to non-Kickstarter backers soon. My version is a little different from the official, but not enough to warrant another book on the matter.



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