Shadowcraft: The Glamour War Launches!

It’s here. Shadowcraft: The Glamour War, the newest game from my imprint, Reroll Productions, launched this morning at DTRPG.

This game is unlike any other I’ve designed – mostly because I didn’t design it. Like the introduction of the book says, the idea began in my mind, but it was fleshed out by the creative team. John-Matthew DeFoggi drafted an incredible setting from our initial conversations, and Christopher Ruthenbeck took my idea of using the Apocalypse World conversation engine and porting it to Fate Core, along with many other alterations we were eager to make to Fate, like using ranked aspects instead of skills and removing the attack action.

I’m very happy with how Shadowcraft turned out, and look forward to putting out some fiction about the setting at some point. There’s still some work to do to get the print edition, player’s and missions guides created, etc., but the digital edition of Shadowcraft: The Glamour War is available now!

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