Replacing Scrivener

Ever since they came out, I’ve wanted a Chromebook. My MacBook is getting on in years and I’m not keen on shelling out another $1.5k for a new one. I haven’t pulled the trigger on that Chromebook because of my reliance on Scrivener for outlining my work. I’ve tried using Google Drive for that; a dreadful experience.

But then, when Paul Mitchener was asking about Scrivener on a G+ thread, someone brought up Gingko, a web app I’d never heard of, but that holds lots of promise.

I’m not getting paid by Gingko, I just like what I’ve seen and want to help put the word out about a program I think will change how I write. I’ve already transferred my works in progress over to Gingko, and I’m hoping it’ll be a Scrivener killer for me, opening the door for me to finally pull the trigger on that Chromebook.

Have you used Gingko before? What did you think of it?

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