If you’re here, I’m going to assume a few things:

  • You like what you’ve seen and want to read more of my work
  • You like reading about super-cool settings
  • You like to see how content is made and go behind the scenes (BTS)
  • You’re interested in the business of writing

If at least two of the above bullet points apply to you, I think you’re going to find some value in my newsletter. If that’s not the case––if maybe you only find one bullet point worthy of your time––then my newsletter might not be for you.

Every newsletter features a commentary on how I’m reacting to changes in the publishing industry, discounts on newly published work (I publish something to Amazon almost every week), and some BTS on my what I’m working on or just finished.

And when it’s interesting, I shine a spotlight on a portion of one of my settings––from Jadepunk to Intrepid City, I get complimented most for my cool settings and how I bring them to life.

Unfortunately, for those of you interested in the business of writing, I don’t have the silver bullet to success; it doesn’t exist. What I have is a no-nonsense approach from someone who’s owned a publishing company with bestselling books. I make a living on my writing, and I can shed some light on how you can too, if that’s what you’re into.

You ready? Let’s get started.

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