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Hey there, ye’ ol’ blog followers!

I launched my Patreon campaign at the same time as a videographer friend of mine launched his. It was interesting how our skill sets complement one another –– we’re like a gaming party (I wonder who my player is; poor soul).

One of the things he recommended to me is that I start documenting my journey. At first, I was like “why? Who would care about what a writer/game designer does?” I mean, it all looks the same –– my Instagram account can attest to that. But then he asked me to go down memory lane, to tell him about when I started game designing, the first book I sold, the first Kickstarter I closed…it was all very nostalgic. Then he asked: “wouldn’t you want that now, to show to someone who’s getting started, so they can learn from your mistakes? To show yourself when you get down, so you can see how many challenges you have overcome?”

He mentioned more benefits besides those above, enough to encourage me to start talking about it. And besides, doesn’t every writer want to talk about the process of creating? So that’s what this new category –– Leveling Up! –– is all about: me documenting my journey down this crazy thing called “creation.”

Will it be a smash hit or will I just embarrass myself on the internet for the umpteenth time? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

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  • I’ve always enjoyed reading about one’s path, at least when it overlaps with my own artistic ambitions. I did that some on my blog at times as well as in my first book, to give some context, since I’ve been designing and writing for nearly 4 decades, but have only recently started publishing. I’ve also discussed why I made the decisions I did (game mechanics and such), for better or for worse, though not extensively. Anyway, thanks for the blog post, Ryan! I look forward to reading more. Cheers!

    • Thanks for sharing that! I don’t see a lot of “process” posts by other authors/designers, and that can make it feel like I’m venturing into dangerous waters (or at least waters that no one is interested in exploring).

      I’m glad I’m not the only one!

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