It’s been awhile. Well, I’m back. But things are going to be a little different this time around. I’m still going to write about game design, so you OG readers don’t shouldn’t fret, but gaming is going to less of a presence on this blog than it did before. And that’s because I’ve finally given up on my fear of failure, and I’m out to pursue my first love: fiction. Now, I’m not cruel. I won’t subject you to a long series of short stories, or, even worse, my feeble attempts at poetry (GAAHHH!).

There may be some fiction here and there, but what I’m trying to make this blog into is sort of my social media headquarters. I’m not always present on G+, Twitter, FB, or any of the other places I supposedly “frequent” on the internet; but I’m always here.

This will be the place where I post my best stuff; where I document my journey from broke game designer to starving fiction writer. If you want to keep up on what I’m doing, this is the place to do so.

What you won’t find this time around is a bunch of martial arts articles. One hard lesson I’ve grown to accept is that the martial arts are no longer at the center of my being. Maybe they were once upon a time, but now, they’re a hobby, the way I stay in shape.

So, if this is your first time hanging out with me: welcome! I’ll do my best to entertain (it’s sort of the job I’m pitching here, so hopefully I’m at least okay at it). You can subscribe to the blog to get updates on when I post new stuff; just enter your email here:

If you’ve been here before, you’re still going to want to subscribe. None of my previous subscriptions carried over to this new site. We’re starting from scratch here.

Finally, if you’re here for gaming, like I said, I’m still going to dabble, as well as fulfill my commitments to ongoing projects. If you want to find my archives, here they are.

Thanks for hanging out,


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