Foundational Martial Arts and Fitness Training

This may be the most important blog post on the subject of martial arts and fitness that I ever write. When I was 22, I was in the best shape of my life, and I can point to the very reason why: I was building strength, endurance, flexibility, and martial arts skill atop a well-established foundation. When I turned 30, I fell away from my training (I’m 34 as of the time of this writing). I’ve been trying to regain

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5 Simple Steps to Mastering the Martial Arts

That title may say five simple steps, but that doesn’t mean they’re five easy steps. Martial arts training is damn hard, anything worthwhile always is, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. In this article, I’m going to give away the “secret formula” that instructors follow when teaching a new technique to a student: the five steps to mastery. Is that all it takes to master the martial arts, five simple steps? Yes…and no. You did catch the part

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