When Traditional Publishing Works, and When It Doesn’t

Traditional publishing used to be the only way to get your work out into the world. You would work for months or even years on a final draft of your book and then send it out to agents, praying that one of them would like it enough to represent it. These days, with the proliferation of self-publishing, traditional publishing is only viable in a narrow set of circumstances. But when you need to go with a traditional publisher, you’ll regret

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You Don’t Need Permission to Be Successful

Many people believe that politicians, celebrities, and CEOs keep them from achieving their dreams. The reality is that none of them would have power if someone didn’t give it to them. You know who’s really in control, who absolutely has the power to block you? Gatekeepers — the ones who allow access to power and influence in the first place. Or, at least, they used to. Here’s a little secret: we don’t need gatekeepers anymore. I don’t. You don’t. What you need

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NaNoWriMo Is Not for Professional Writers

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Once upon a time (yes, I went there), NaNoWriMo helped the budding professional writer come out of their shell and get some words on (often digital) paper. In the early days of self-publishing, when traditional publishing still ran the sandbox, it was an excellent pace for professional writers. Today, however, NaNo sells false hope to writers seeking a profession as a wordsmith. Before we get into it, let me be clear: there are many reasons for people to write, and

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