You Don’t Need Permission to Be Successful

Many people believe that politicians, celebrities, and CEOs keep them from achieving their dreams. The reality is that none of them would have power if someone didn’t give it to them. You know who’s really in control, who absolutely has the power to block you? Gatekeepers — the ones who allow access to power and influence in the first place. Or, at least, they used to. Here’s a little secret: we don’t need gatekeepers anymore. I don’t. You don’t. What you need

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Never Lose a Freelance Client Again

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The hardest part of being a freelancer is getting new clients. Putting together your portfolio, hounding people on social media, writing on LinkedIn, only to land a quick $300 job for a client you’ll never see again. No one got into the freelance game to self-promote. What if you could take that $300 one-time client and turn them into a $30k per year client? You could spend more time doing what you love, which is why you became a freelancer

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