Resources for Writing and Blogging

These are the services and software that I use to craft my fiction, design my games, and run my website. I can’t recommend these enough.


Final Draft 10 –– The industry standard screenwriting software. You may have heard that I draft my stories as scripts before converting them to prose. This helps me work lightning fast in those early stages.


Scrivener 2 –– This is my outlining, drafting, and publishing tool. Easily the most powerful writing software I own. And at $45, it’s a steal for all of the utility it gives me.

Use this link if you have a Windows machine.

Blogging –– Not the free version. This is the version you use when you pay for your hosting. It gives you more freedom, but it requires a bit of knowledge to set up.


Writing WordPress Theme by A-Works. This is a minimalist theme that is plenty powerful. I like how my writing, and not some pretty theme, is the main event of my site.



Disclaimer: Some of these are affiliate links. If you buy one through my link, I’ll get a small kickback. (Thanks for your support!)

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