Express, Don’t Impress

Everyone has critics, and people they want to impress. If you’re human, it’s unavoidable, unless you just don’t care about what other people think. I care. When people are overly critical of me, it makes me take a second look at myself. If someone pays me a compliment, I’m grateful for it. Sometimes, I’ll admit, I go out of my way to get one of those compliments. We all do it, so I don’t think it’s necessarily bad unless it becomes

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Achievement Unlocked: My First Completed Premise

Most people might call it a synopsis, but at twelve pages I think it’s outside that territory. But it’s also not an outline, as it’s missing scenes. The people behind Avatar: The Last Airbender call what I wrote a “premise” so I’m going to do the same.

A premise, in this case, is the main story, narratively described. The main idea, if you will.

When I write, I often come up with elements of the story –– plotlines and such –– that

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Inquisition Story Sample

A few years ago, I wrote a modern fantasy novel that I will never show anyone (because it was terrible!). As horrifying as the novel was, I loved the setting: Templars and inquisitors working together in a secret society to protect modern society from nightmarish creatures.

After letting the setting stew in my mind for a few years, I’m working on it again. It’s grown into something deeper and, I believe, more interesting.

Here’s the teaser––what would become a prologue,

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Creating Unique Genres

When searching for a new book, game, or movie, genres help us to form expectations about what we’re going to experience. As a creative, this saddens me. I mean, on one hand, I love the marketing of it all; I can put my work where I know people may find it. But it’s boring. Really damn boring!

What if I want to write about a starship crew that protects pre-FTL worlds from pillaging by space pirates? What if they visit

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The Adventure Fractal 2.0

Many good things have been said regarding the adventure fractal I wrote for the Fate Core roleplaying game system years ago. Truth be told, I was never happy with it. While others could get it to work, I never could –– at least, not in the way I wanted. But I’ve years to work on it, improve upon it, and here is the result.

One thing you’ll notice is that this version is not limited to the Fate Core system,

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Gaming Resources

As I move forward with this new site, I wanted to create a repository for the gaming resources I had on my last site. Some people were upset when they were taken down.

If you’re new here, I should point out the obvious resource: Reroll Production‘s page at DTRPG. Every product on that page was either conceived of or written by me (sometimes both).

Now, onto the free stuff!

Full Games

These are all short game documents

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