Author profiles are often pretentious, and always boring. Don’t you think?

I could tell you about how I ran a publishing company for five years, or how I’ve been writing for more than a decade, mostly as a professional, or we could go into my thousands of hours of studying the art, craft, and business of writing. But wouldn’t it all feel as though I were bragging?

Instead, let’s talk about my content

At least that would add value to you, and not drone on at length about me – I’m not that interesting.

I’m a content creator who focuses on writing. I’ve been around the block a few times; I know some stuff that could help you, or at the very least entertain you.

My content is mostly about the following:

  • Some content is about writing craft.
  • There’s quite a lot of BTS commentary for my recently finished projects.
  • I talk some about the financials of the writer’s life, depressing as that may be at times.
  • There’s a bit about what it takes to be a self-published author.

In a previous life (at least it feels like a lifetime ago), I trained professional fighters and executive protectors––all bonafide tough guys. Sometimes, that life sneaks into this one. I promise to keep it to a minimum, though, unless you’re into that kind of thing.

If you must know…

For those of you still interested in my boring story, here it is:

I’m never without a very fine hat.

I started in the martial arts from a young age. Fortunately, my family moved a lot, and not every martial art was in every locale. So I dabbled in quite a few styles before landing in Muay Thai at 14. At that time, I assisted in the training for some pretty badass fighters and got pretty good, myself. Later, I gravitated toward Jeet Kune Do (the style that Bruce Lee created).

This is all relevant to writing. I promise.

Here’s the thing about JKD; it emphasizes learning from multiple sources. While learning JKD, you learn how to learn quickly. Part of the curriculum is how to identify what works and what doesn’t in other styles so you can assimilate their techniques more quickly.

The most fascinating thing about studying JKD for a decade: learning how to learn carried over to other areas of my life. I can see a martial arts technique once and it becomes a part of me, but the same is true when I learn principles of finance, business…writing…

My training and devotion to self-study have given me a broad skill set that has served me well professionally. Like when I left the security field to become a YouTuber (yeah, that was short-lived, but I learned how the platform works).

Eventually, I gravitated toward my passion for writing. I was into roleplaying games at the time (Dungeons and Dragons nerd stuff) and started publishing books in unique settings, and with my exciting new mechanics. During my tenure running that publishing company, I raised over $30,000 in Kickstarters, published dozens of books (gaming, fiction, and non-fiction), and learned the ins and outs of how the world of publishing works.

I no longer hope to run a publishing company. These days, I’m focused on increasing the number and value of my various revenue streams, like my articles or my books on offer at Amazon.

That’s my story so far

Join me for the rest of my journey. I’ll show you everything I know, and we’ll help each other become something greater than we would otherwise be if we were taking to this path all on our own.

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