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Embracing Failure

Have you ever been so afraid of failing at something that you don’t even try at all? Or have you undermined your chances of success to avoid the possibility of failure?

That’s been me for the last, gosh, several years. Before I turned 30, I would write with wild abandon, practice martial arts with zero self-consciousness, and release flawed but cool game documents.

Then I let the critics in. You know the ones. They never have anything nice to say

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Replacing Scrivener

Ever since they came out, I’ve wanted a Chromebook. My MacBook is getting on in years and I’m not keen on shelling out another $1.5k for a new one. I haven’t pulled the trigger on that Chromebook because of my reliance on Scrivener for outlining my work. I’ve tried using Google Drive for that; a dreadful experience.

But then, when Paul Mitchener was asking about Scrivener on a G+ thread, someone brought up Gingko, a web app

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I’m Back!


It’s been awhile. Well, I’m back. But things are going to be a little different this time around. I’m still going to write about game design, so you OG readers don’t shouldn’t fret, but gaming is going to less of a presence on this blog than it did before. And that’s because I’ve finally given up on my fear of failure, and I’m out to pursue my first love: fiction. Now, I’m not cruel. I won’t subject you to

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